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Who Called Me PRO

Desarrollador nobodyman
3.16 usd

No. 1 in the United Kingdom!Get unwanted calls? Want to know who it is before you call back? "Who Called Me PRO" is the best tool to protect against scams and spammers! You don't need to register or reveal your phone number! Features:• Ability to verify information about unknown numbers!• Detect all unwanted calls• Get Information about the Caller• Numbers blacklist (blocking incoming calls and SMS).• Blocking anonymous (private) numbers.• Notification of blocked calls and SMS
Advantages:* easy to use* no ads!* lightweight and robust.* does not consume memory or CPU resources!
We ask permission to access your:• contact list• history call• sms logThis is important because we allow to use it from our app to search number phones. Our app will not share this list with anyone.
Add new numbers and help others identify unknown callers!Official webiste: